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Image by National Cancer Institute



Cancer is created by a natural healing mechanism in the body; and when that mechanism fails to shut off then disease can occur.  The uncontrolled replication of cells is often a signature of the disease.  Unfortunately, roughly 600,000 Americans per year suffer and lose their life in this battle.  Disease-free survival rates and progression-free survival rates vary depending on the location of the cancer in the body.

Our mission is to deliver advanced innovations to create a world where cancer isn’t just treated but cured.

Common Pathologies:


Bone (osteosarcoma)

Cartilage (chondrosarcoma)

Fibrous Tissue (fibrosarcoma)

Smooth Muscle (leiomyosarcoma)








White Blood Cells (myelogenous)

Red Blood Cells (Polycythemia)


Center for Therapeutic Innovation

Our Center for NANO Therapeutic Innovation: collaborates with prestigious academic institutions and investigators to innovate and develop groundbreaking Oncology science, to accelerate concepts into viable therapies for Oncology patients.

NANOs Key Research: Structural and Computational Biology, Proteomics, Spray Dispersions, Advanced Formulations:

Preparations for skin


Reduce the systemic toxicities of chemotherapies


Polyelectrolyte complex micelles (PCMs)

Direct targeting drugs to tumor tissues through the carrier effect and positioning effect

Image by National Cancer Institute

NANO Rx will always hold regeneration and remission in the highest regard

Adapt + Overcome

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