Your liver contributes to maintaining your metabolism, nutrient uptake, digestion, and even removes harmful toxins from your body. Because your liver contributes to so many important processes within your body it is critical to make sure your liver is always in fighting shape. Ensure your liver is ready to handle whatever life throws at it with our blend of natural ingredients formulated to support optimal liver health and function.  


  • Serving Size: 2 capsules

    Servings Per Container: 30

  • With ingredients like milk thistle and beetroot anyone can show their liver some love and support. Trust us, your liver will thank you.

    Digestion: Your liver is a hub for digestion. Not only does it secrete bile that helps digest fat and key vitamins, it also acts as a hub for nutrients absorbed by the small intestine. This includes protein, carbohydrates and fat. Infact, your liver is responsible for maintaining your body's stores of glycogen (storage for of glucose/sugar) that are essential to optimal performance. 

    Metabolism: At rest, your body's primary form of fuel is fat, and the liver is the main site of extracting energy from fat known as Beta-Oxidation.

    Also, when we exercise, particularly at high intensities, we produce a compound known as lactate. In excess levels lactate can limit performance and produce free radical hydrogen ions that can cause muscle damage. The liver takes up lactate released from exercising muscles and converts it back to useable forms of energy as either pyruvate or glucose using the Kori Cycle. Not only does this limit the accumulation of lactate but provides additional energy that your muscles can use. 

    Detoxification: Our body is constantly exposed to toxins, and it's the liver's job to remove these from the blood and break them down into non-harmful components that can then be safely excreted from the body (I'm talking about you alcohol). A healthy liver is better equiped to deal with toxins, which will leave you feeling better. 



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