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Unlock Your Potential

NANO is a pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company specializing in novel product development that incorporates cutting-edge molecular engineering. Our team is dedicated to the research and development of innovative products that address the needs of health enthusiasts, athletes, supplement stores, physicians, retreat centers, and harm reduction therapists, as well as those seeking alternative treatments. Our products are designed to enhance performance, well-being, and quality of life for individuals who want to optimize their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Pipetting Samples
Image by madison lavern
Image by Nick Windsor

At NANORx we're driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to safe and effective pharmaceutical grade psychedelic medicines. Our team of experienced scientists and researchers are dedicated to developing transformative therapies that enhance people's quality of life.

NANO Nutrition is a health and wellness company offering science-based, natural solutions that promote healthy living and well-being. Our premium nutritional supplements are dedicated to meeting specific health needs such as immunity, energy, mental focus, and anti-aging.

NANO Fungi is a premium supplier of functional and psychedelic mushrooms. Our master cultivators specialize in creating safe and effective products that offer a range of benefits, from medicinal properties to transformative experiences.

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